From the Creator

When I first came up with the idea for Clinitote, I was working as an occupational therapist at a skilled nursing facility with 5 floors and over 250 beds. I was constantly traveling from one patient’s room to another and had to carry all of my clinical tools with me and stay organized. Just about everyday it seemed that I would forget something in the rehab gym and have to go ALL THE WAY down to the first floor. Those who have worked in a SNF know that you have to remain productive throughout each work day. I realized I needed a bag that could hold all of my day’s treatment tools and help me meet my productivity requirements. Seeing that no such bag existed on the market, I decided to try my hand at designing a medical bag that would also be stylish enough for after work social events. I wanted the bags to be a sleek design but functional.  I surveyed over 200 of my healthcare colleagues about their ideal work bag, and designed Clinitote based on their responses.

In July 2014, I began my journey with Clinitote. Before launching Clinitote, I had never considered myself an entrepreneur. My degrees are in psychology and occupational therapy, not fashion or business. I was merely an occupational therapist with an idea and the motivation to take that idea to the market. It took three years to  to design the bags, have (several) prototypes made, and finally launch the original collection.

Although this journey is just beginning for me, I hope to see this company grow in the coming years. My vision is that Clinitote becomes THE medical bag company that nurses, therapists, doctors, and other healthcare workers rely on to carry their tools. Please feel free to email me directly with any suggestions or comments you may have about our current products. I love hearing from you all and promise that I will always work hard to produce the highest quality medical bags because you deserve the very best!