Beat The Heat: How To Keep Cool At Your Clinic This Summer

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Summer may be a fun season when you're on vacation, but when you're in the workplace, the rising temperatures can be anything but fun.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can help beat the heat in your clinic whether at your desk or helping patients.

Keep the windows closed

It may seem counterintuitive to close the windows in your office when it's hot. But unless there's a cool breeze, leaving the window open can actually make it hotter because you're letting in the warm air.

What's more, if you're office happens to have air conditioning, an open window will only be drawing the cool air out. Instead of opening the window, close the blinds or curtains to keep out the sun. This will help keep your office from turning into an oven.

Wear the right scrubs

There are 19 million healthcare workers currently working in the U.S. and the majority of them wear the same thing every day. But during the summer, workwear can be tricky for healthcare workers.

You want to be sure you're wearing the right scrubs.

While summer shopping, look for scrubs that are lightweight and 100% cotton fiber. Avoid anything that has polyester in it, which may be soft but isn't breathable in the slightest. Cotton is breathable, which helps to keep your body from overheating.

It's also a good idea to get scrubs in lighter colors. Dark colors absorb sunlight (which is why military uniform colors change with the season). Light colors reflect it.

Make sure you're hydrated

Many healthcare workers will rely on coffee and energy drinks to keep going throughout the day. But with the sun beating down, even through the windows, it's necessary to hydrate with water and avoid caffeinated beverages.

Try to drink more water than you usually do throughout the day. Because you're sweating to keep cool, you'll be losing more fluids than usual. It may help to keep a water bottle on hand.

Keep your equipment organized

Heat can make you lethargic and tired. The last thing you need is an unorganized clinical bag to aid your frustrations.

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